TOLKAR has established in 1969 as a family business regarding to produce textile processing and commercial laundry machines in city of Izmir, TURKEY. From the very first date, continuous development, better quality and customer satisfaction have made up a principle by TOLKAR where at the present day constitutes from 3 splendid innovative production factories in İZMİR Ataturk Industrial Zone, distributorship of the leader manufacturers of their sectors for supplementary products.
TOLKAR has its own reputation in the world by reaching the production capacity of 3500 machines per year of various models and exports more than 81 countries abroad. Besides, 19 Regional Branches with their Sales & Service Managements in Turkey TOLKAR has more than 30 distributors with their Sales & Service Managements in abroad, ensures the fastest sales and after sales servicing facilities to their customers.
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Along the stage of development, TOLKAR is devoted itself todiffer as technological, ecological and economical supremacies.Utilization of latest technologies and techniques in production,TOLKAR performs from starting up the design phase,consequent research & development, prototype production,factory tests, field tests and mass production by accomplishingthe mentioned triple mission.
All revolutionary inventions thosediffers as technological, ecological and economical supremacies;have been protected with their Patents in all over the world. Allour innovations offer to our customers uncompromisable andinapproachable savings where at the same time minimize theeffluent in order to protect the environment for a clean world tothe next generations.
TOLKAR provides all capacities of commercial & industriallaundry machines along with auxiliary equipment includingturnkey projects and all textile/garment processing, washing,dyeing machines, unique waterless technologies right alongsidethe distributorship of the leader brands such as BIKO, COLMAC,SPEED QUEEN and RENZACCI.
In 2008, after acquisition of SMARTEX and its patented “SmartBalancing System”, TOLKAR becomes the unique company whohas the capability of manufacturing very high speed washerextractors by exerting 400 G force while spinning. Yet as thefirst and the only producer of the unique innovation introducedPolyRib ECO Drum, TOLKAR is proud to offer SMARTEX Miracleseries which saves dramatically 50 % from the water, chemicalsand heating energy and waste water along with the very firstmanufacturer of ‘Direct Gas Heated’ Washer Extractors.
tolkar denim washer smartex
Starting from 2013, TOLKAR announces to work on waterless and chemical free washing and processing technics by concentrating to develop Ozone Washing and Smart Flow Nano Bubble technologies for textile and garment industry in order to achieve dramatic reduction of water as well as to stop heavy chemical wastes. Today dissolution of the ozone gas within the water has achieved by TOLKAR wherein many garment processing steps can be done without chemicals and without any water discharge in shorter times. Same as Smart Flow Nano Bubble Spraying Technology achieves some steps without any water usage and without any discharge to environment.
In 2019, TOLKAR established the unmanned laundry and textile washing facilities with TOLKAR Future within the framework of Automation and Industry 4.0 applications. It has managed to establish an almost unmanned business by controlling all washing, drying, chemical transfer, recipe preparation and reporting from a single center by providing loading/unloading and textile transfers with automatic conveyors and shuttles.
With the consciousness of change alone is unchanging, TOLKAR will perpetuate the leadership in accordance with its mission to next generations.
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