Frequently Asked Questions

Textile Finishing Machines: Ozone Systems, High Speed Textile (Stone) Washing and Garment Dyeing Machines, Low Speed Textile (Stone) Washing and Garment Dyeing Machines, Sample Washing and Dyeing Machines, Textile Drying Machines and Automation Systems.

Industrial Laundry Equipments:  Washing, Drying, Ironing and Folding Machines.

Hygienic Hospital Machines: Hygienic Barrier Washing Machines

  1. Textile and Apparel
  2. Tourism
  3. Health
  4. Commercial Laundry
  5. Food – Industrial Facilities
  6. Official and Other Institutions

To get a quote, you can call (+90) 232 376 85 00 or send your information and need/project to the address exports@TOLKAR.COM where we can reach you. Our authorized personnel will contact you as soon as possible.

For site exploration, you can call the TOLKAR representative you spoke to and indicate your exploration request. Our authorized team comes to your area and explores the place. The official will let you know if your chosen field is suitable. We can also draw the project lay out upon request.

You can access the technical details at the bottom of the page by entering the page of the product you want from the Products tab. You can also download the catalog from the bottom of the product pages.

All of our Smartex Miracle series products provide great savings to their users. For other products we can offer several options to reduce the consumptions.

We get detailed information about your project from you. Any information you share can play an important role in determining an optimum track. Then we make capacity calculations for your needs. We apply different capacity calculation methods for the Textile, Laundry and Hospital sectors. These calculations tell us which machines we should use. We draw the ground according to the project area, place the machines and present our offers to our customers with their drawings in an alternative way.

For information about technical service, you can call (+90) 232 376 85 00 or e-mail You can also leave us a form on Contact.

We have service offices in many parts of Turkey in order to provide you with the fastest and highest quality service. Our Service Network consists of salaried and qualified personnel. Our company does not receive special technical service from outside.