Best Laundry Machines Repair Service

Best Laundry Machines Repair Service

Best Laundry Machines Repair Service



As Tolkar, we have been serving our customers in the laundry machines sector for years. In addition to adopting the principle of quality and fast service. Tolkar technical service offers a team of trained service technicians to handle all your industrial laundry machines repair service needs.



Each Tolkar technical service team undergoes rigorous training. This training ensures that they are aware of the latest technological developments. After years of experience, as a result, we guarantee that our Tolkar technical service technicians will leave your machines and facility better than they found it. Whatever your laundry machines needs may be, we’re here for you. Tolkar technical service is your only address. With Tolkar Spare Parts, we have original machines manufacturer parts and a full range of laundry machines products. Our goal is to help you and your company avoids costly downtime.


What Repairs Does Tolkar Offer For Laundry Machines?

Tolkar technical service includes commercial laundry machines repair service as well as routine, scheduled preventive maintenance, machines installation, and dryer vent cleaning. In addition, thanks to Tolkar’s spare parts service, all your problems with industrial laundry machines, industrial washing machines, industrial dryers, flatwork ironers, textile washing dyeing machines, and hospital laundry equipment will be easily solved by Tolkar technical service. While Tolkar manufactures these types of machines, it also exports them all over the world.


Providing quality repair services and services for your industrial laundry machines is our highest priority. We provide laundry machines repairs for all commercial laundry equipment, including drums and irons. We repair all types of commercial laundry machines, whether OPL or coin-operated washers and dryers.


Our technicians are trained to service all brands of commercial laundry machines. Our Tolkar technical service team, consisting of expert technicians, works every day on commercial laundry machines and textile washing machines. They are thoroughly trained and highly skilled in a commercial washer and dryer repair services and are our dedicated service.


In addition, we attach equal importance to technical service as much as to the production of laundry machines. We arrange our contracts annually to ensure that our service network technical services are efficient and not to make you a victim. For this reason, the Tolkar technical service network provides services in all of Turkey and many other countries. This means that we keep the technical service road costs at the minimum level.

Laundry Machines Repair Service Process

When you need a repair, we understand what you need to do quickly so you can get that machine back up and running. Tolkar technical service has the expertise to diagnose your problem and expert technicians can get your machines working like new. The cornerstone of Tolkar’s success is fast and professional service.


When service is required, we respond immediately with a factory-trained technician and a service vehicle full of genuine Tolkar spare parts. Card repair is done in our factory.

Replacement parts, Depend o Drain and all necessary valves are available in our factory.

You can be confident that Tolkar Laundry Machines Repair Service will keep your machines up and running and minimize costly downtime. Because we know you have an urgent job. Scheduling commercial laundry repair services for your laundry machines is easy. For Tolkar service and Tolkar spare parts price and technical service details, you can call us today or reach our team via e-mail.


Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, İZMİR

+90 (232) 376 85 00

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