How Profitable is a Laundry Business?

How Profitable is a Laundry Business?

How Profitable is a Laundry Business?

One of the most important needs of businesses, hotels, recreational facilities, commercial enterprises in the food and beverage sector, dormitories, military, Industrial laundries and commercial enterprises that have to do business with similar textile products is the routine and frequent cleaning of these textile products.


Businesses that generally do not use or do not prefer to use industrial washing machines can make an agreement with a different cleaning company for the textile products that are dirty and need to be cleaned. However, nowadays, businesses prefer to use Industrial washing machine products for themselves, as there is an obligation to make a profit on many items.


Businesses and facilities that want to use industrial washing machines generally prefer to deal with the issue of gaining profits with industrial washing machines, since they have to offer an intensive service activity. Thanks to the use of such washing machines by different businesses, businesses can save on many items, as well as increase their profits in these areas.


These machines, which are technological products as much as possible in terms of resource consumption, operate in a wide range, from water saving to drying energy saving, by consuming minimum resources. Moreover, since it is a new technology product, it is possible to get maximum profit from the washed textile product. Therefore, as the life of textile products is extended, a very serious level of savings is achieved in the expense items of the enterprises at the same time.

Energy efficiency is an important issue in Industrial washing machines. The energy savings of the devices are very important both for the user and because the energy resources in the world should be used carefully. For this reason, companies have various responsibilities in the production of technological devices. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the world that will be inherited for future generations.


The most sustainable washing solution for increasing consumption costs is the Smartex Miracle product. This product is patented and designed as a high-tech product. Smartex Miracle is a device that has been produced for 14 years and consumes at least half the amount of normal machines. All our Smartex Miracle models are environmentally friendly.


In line with the data obtained from the analyzes, the water savings obtained in the case of total usage hours and pieces of the machines produced in 14 years is approximately the amount of water that 25 thousand Olympic pools will receive, and this figure is increasing day by day.


Our company, which adopts an approach that is sensitive to the environment and nature, is also a supporter of a sustainable natural life. Water is one of the most important elements of human life and future generations will need water more than ever.


Global climate changes around the world cause rapid depletion of water resources. For this reason, everyone around the world, individually and institutionally, should adopt a sensitive approach. In this context, as Tolkar Smartex, our company is aware of its responsibility. All the devices produced are capable of meeting every need completely.


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