Most Sustainable Washing Machine

Most Sustainable Washing Machine

Realizing a first in the world by reducing the use of water, energy, and detergent by 50 percent in the Commercial Washing Machine, Tolkar Smartex has created a revolution in Sustainable Laundry Washing and Industrial Washing Machines.

Turkey’s leading company in the production of Textile washers and dryers & commercial washing machines manufacturer TOLKAR revolutionized washing technology with the Miracle washing machine, which means achieving 13.5 liters of water used for one kilogram of laundry in industrial washing machines to 7.5 liters, Tolkar also reduced its energy consumption by 50 percent which where you save money. Cenk Karace, Chairman of the Board of Tolkar Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ, established in Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, stated that they launched their new heavy duty machines commercial washers to the market at a time when the world was experiencing a financial crisis.

Cenk Karace said, “The most important issue in a crisis environment is saving. Smartex Miracle is a first in the world by saving 50 percent from water, energy, and detergent.” Stating that they export to 56 countries and that their biggest commercial laundry equipment customers in Turkey are the military, hospitals, student dormitories, and the tourism sector.

Tolkar produces 76 types of commercial laundry and textile dyeing machines with washing capacities of 60,120,135,150 225, 340, and 500 kilograms full stainless steel front load washers. It has been reported that the name of the machine was changed to Miracle, after the Germans bought the new washing machine, which Tolkar first produced under the name ‘Smartex’, after they liked the machine very much and said, “This is a miracle”.


Heavy Duty Washer



Description: All Smartex Miracle models can do extraction at 400G force without vibration. Thanks to the patented smart balance system, springs, shock absorbers, and all dead weights have been removed. Thanks to the smart balance system, which can balance all kinds of balance in the drum in a short time, regardless of the distribution of the textile, the machine is free from all vibrations. Thus, the failure rate of all kinds of mechanical and electronic components is minimized. Thanks to the homogeneous and vibration-free squeezing with 400G force, 20% savings are achieved in drying energy and drying time compared to other machines.

Smartex Miracle series has been designed so that users can perform the washing and dyeing processes they need most, with the most economical and sustainable washing technology. All equipment that may be required for the dyeing process is offered as standard with the machine. Thanks to spin dye (jet spray dyeing) and patented Polyrib eco drum technologies, processes such as reactive, direct, and antique can be dyed with a 1: 3 (dry goods) liquor ratio, while textiles can be dyed with pigment dyeing 1: 4 (dry goods) liquor ratio. It has become the number 1 choice of commercial laundry and textile factories.

With the Polyrib eco drum feature, the unnecessary water between the inner and outer drums is eliminated, while saving up to 70% from the water, electricity, chemicals, wastewater, and steam used, and up to 20% from the dyestuffs, while the spin dye feature ensures that the spin dye feature rotates at faster speeds. Thanks to the specially designed drum, the laundry is distributed around the drum and rotates with the drum. In the meantime, with a polyrib eco drum and spin dye pump, all dyed liquor is sprayed from the front cover with a special angle and a certain pressure and delivered to the inner drum. While this process ensures that the dyestuff penetrates the textile homogeneously, it also eliminates all risks of breakage, abrasion, and unwanted mechanical effects due to the rotation of the textile with the drum.

By eliminating the water in the volume between the inner and outer drums, the friction force between the inner drum and the water in the said volume is eliminated. Thus, the system consumes much less electrical energy with smaller motors.

Studies are carried out every day on Ozone Washing and Smart Flow. Ozone Washing will play a major role in the stone washing industry. It is researched by all textile manufacturers. At Tolkar Makina, we develop our machines by listening to the needs of our users.

It offers easy loading and unloading thanks to Forward and Backward Tilting options. It is user-friendly.

Thanks to the Automatic Weighing System, uses water and detergent proportional to the weight of your laundry. It is possible to save water besides 50% water saving.

With the Water Recovery Tank option, the last rinse water is stored in the tank and it is used in the next wash, adding 20% ​​water savings. Halves the consumption costs for places with high water consumption such as Hotels, Commercial Laundries and Industrial Laundries.

Thanks to the Water Recovery Tank, your halved costs are further reduced. Contact us for more information  about the Most Sustainable Washing Machine at


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