Smartex Miracle

Industrial Laundry Machines Industrial Sustainable Washer Extractors WATER CONSUMPTION Towels 1:1-1:2 L/R Linens 1:1-1:1,5 L/R Polyesters 1:1 L/R POLYRIB ECODRUM SYSTEM 50% less water chemicals and heating energy 400G EXTRACTION FORCE TOTALLY VIBRATION FREE SMART BALANCING 20% Less drying time & drying energy POLYRIB DRUM 45% Longer Textile Life FIRST AND THE ONLY GAS HEATED […]

Tolkar Hydra

Industrial Laundry Machines Industrial Laundry Washer Extractors FORWARD TILTING HYDRA 60 OPTIONAL HYDRA 110 STANDART FULLY STAINLESS STEEL COVERS INTERIOR – EXTERNAL DRUM AND EXTERIOR COATINGS 360 G EXTRACTION FORCE HYDRA 60 – 110 STANDART 100% HEAVY INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION(HYDRA MAXI) *Wider Loading Door *Faster Heating with Enhanced Steam Inlet (3/4”) *Faster Water Intake with Enhanced […]

Tolkar Hydra Doubledeck

Industrial Laundry Machines Tolkar Hydra Doubledeck Industrial Stacked Washer Extractor and Dryer WASHER Loading Capacity (Kg/Batch) 10 Drum Volume (lt) 100 Motor Power (Kw) 1,5 Heating Power (Kw) 6 Width (mm) 825 Depth (mm) 885 Height (mm) 1.225 Weight (kg) 350 DRYER Loading Capacity (1/20) (Kg/Batch) 10 Drum Volume (lt) 200 Motor Power (Kw) 0,37 […]