Vela Chest Heated Flatwork Ironers

Vela Flatwork Ironers

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Gas Heating Optional In All Models
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High Pressure Resist German Made Chests (12 BAR)
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Genuine Nomex Belts
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Maximum Pressure & Pressing Quality Via Special Spring Crushers and Pneumatic System
3 Vela1O4A2014
2 Vela CHI
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Common Speed Synchronization in Feeding, Ironing and Linen Folding
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According to Textile Types Velocity Controlled Rools
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Humidity Discharge Via Inverter Controlled Fans From Inside The Rools
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Single Rools Double Three
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Direct Drive with Gear Box
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Green Technology
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USB Programme Transfer
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PLC Controlled

7"" Touch Screen Panel

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Amount of laundry, consumption values and working hours are being reported. (Optional)

1 Vela CHI
Gaz Isitma Sistemi min
Yatak ve Tahrik Sistemi min

Technical Details

Tolkar reserves changing the technical specifications of the machines due to technological necessities without prior notice.