Social Responsibility

Total Saplings

Social Responsibility

Tolkar, which creates Technological, Ecological, and Economical differences, conveys the seedling team certificates to the customers in the Tolkar Customer Forest which has formed together with the Aegean Forest Foundation on behalf of the customers and users. The Memorial Forest which we build together will be firmly rooted and long-lived like the relationships we build with customers.

Tolkar that creates and continues to create 3 big forests in this social responsibility project, also included in special projects from time to time.

  • Sponsorship of UNESCO World Heritage Cycling Tour
  • Sponsorship of event of A Clove From our Great Leader to His Mother
  • Sponsorship of House Keeping Olympics in Anfaş Hotel Equipments Fair
  • Sponsorship of sports organizations
  • Sponsorship in music and art shows

Our company, which always supports social responsibility projects with such activities, will continue to carry this awareness against both the public and the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Thirstiness; meaning in a dictionary is being thirsty, drought. Although we can live for a month without eating anything, we cannot survive without water even for a week. Today we can access %1 of clean water and we can drink %0,007 of all water.

To wash 10 kg laundry for one time, all the washing and extracting machines in the world waste approximately 160lt water for decontamination. ( with 1 main wash and 3 rinsing programs.)

When considering daily washed laundries and wasted water, heating energy, cleaning chemicals used in large facilities like hotels, hospitals, military, readymade producers, sample dyeing facilities, and textile washing factories, damage of contaminated water and rapid consumption of clean water on the environment is engrossing.

Taking into account water, heating energy, chemicals, and time wasted in the environment and facilities, Tolkar has revolutionized with Smartex Miracle products announced in 2009 which has the technology of DECREASING THE TOTAL WATER CONSUMPTION BY %50. This revolution, Tolkar contributed to environmental cleaning, not wasting clean water, and awareness of the social responsibility of customers.

At the same time, has been selected as the 1st among the 39 companies and products in the competition of TUSID INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, with these products.

With complementary R&D works providing by this technology, %40 ELECTRIC ENERGY, %20 DRYING TIME AND ENERGY HAS SAVED.

By the same technology, Tolkar has produced gas-heated washing machines which are first and only in the world. Also has produced machines that weigh laundry and use water and chemical following this measurement and machines that store rinse water in recycling tanks.

Having patented all these products in TPE, Tolkar has brought the awareness of environmental responsibility to the highest level. Every member of Tolkar family has made it a principle to reflect the environmental consciousness into its products.

Apart from the gas-heated washing and extracting machines produced, Tolkar, also produces drying and ironing machines working with natural gas, which has decreased the level of monoxide released from equipment to the level of 0,5%.

Tolkar, which has proved its achievements with both domestic and foreign test analyzes, has won 3 awards in the competition, which is opened by Izmir A.O.S.B and have authorities of Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Industry, University Rectors, Industrial Organization Representatives, Engineering Departments as a jury.

Gas Heated Laundry Machines System won the first prize in the 2012 TUSID Industrial Product Competition.

Power Spray rinse technology, which won the TUSID award in 2007, also provides 35% WATER SAVING IN THE RINSING WATER.

With the new technologies it has created and the products it produces, Tolkar will continue to provide long-term, environmentally friendly, durable products and technical support to both domestic and foreign customers.