Denim Stone Wash

Denim Stone Wash

We are extremely happy and proud to bring together the most technological and efficient Denim Stone Wash machines of the age.


Especially our Smartex Miracle series.At the BOBUR XKB Textile facility, which was established in a highly efficient and sustainable way in Uzbekistan, of which we are one of the main suppliers.


We thank them for choosing us and trusting us.


Description: Every day, research on Ozone Washing and Smart Flow is conducted. Ozone cleaning will be very important in the stone washing sector. All textile makers are researching it. Tolkar Makina creates machines by listening to our customers’ demands.

All Smartex Miracle variants can remove at 400G force without causing vibration. Spring, shock absorbers, and all dead weights have been eliminated thanks to the revolutionary smart balancing system. The machine is free of all vibrations thanks to the smart balancing system, which can balance all types of balance in the drum in a short time, independent of the distribution of the denim. Thus, the failure rate of all mechanical and electrical components is reduced. When compared to other machines, the homogenous and vibration-free squeezing with 400G force saves 20% on drying energy and time.

Smartex Miracle series has been designed so that users can perform the washing and dyeing processes they need most, with the most economical and sustainable washing technology. All equipment that may be required for the dyeing process is offered as standard with the machine. Thanks to spin dye (jet spray dyeing) and patented Polyrib eco drum technologies, processes such as reactive, direct, and antique can be dyed with a 1: 3 (dry goods) liquor ratio, while textiles can be dyed with pigment dyeing 1: 4 (dry goods) liquor ratio. It has become the number 1 choice of commercial laundry and textile factories.

Customers can accomplish the most crucial washing and dyeing operations using the most cost-effective and ecologically friendly washing technology thanks to the Smartex Miracle series. As standard, the machine includes all of the necessary equipment for the dying process. Thanks to spin dye (jet spray dyeing) and patented Polyrib eco drum technology, reactive, direct, and antique processes may be colored with a 1: 3 (dry goods) liquor ratio, while textiles can be dyed with a 1: 4 (dry goods) liquor ratio. It has swiftly risen to the top of the commercial laundry and textile manufacturing rankings.

The Polyrib Eco Drum feature removes unnecessary water between the inner and outer drums, saving up to 70% on water, power, chemicals, wastewater, and steam, as well as up to 20% on dyestuffs, while the spin dye feature ensures that the spin dye feature turns at a faster pace. Because of the drum’s unusual design, the laundry is scattered around it and rotates with it. Meanwhile, all colored liquor is sprayed from the front cover at a certain angle and pressure and delivered to the inner drum using a polyrib eco drum and spin dye pump. While this process ensures that the dyestuff is evenly distributed throughout the cloth, it also eliminates any risk of breakage, abrasion, or other mechanical effects produced by the drum spinning.

By eliminating the water in the volume between the inner and outer drums, the friction force between the inner drum and the water in the said volume is eliminated. Thus, the system consumes much less electrical energy with smaller motors.

Its Forward and Backward Tilting settings make loading and unloading simple. It is simple to use.

The Automatic Weighing System ensures that water and detergent are used in accordance to the weight of your clothes. Aside from preserving 50% of the water, there are other ways to preserve water.

The Water Recovery Tank option saves up to 20% on water and other water-related consumptions by storing the last rinse water in the tank and reusing it in the next wash. Denim dyeing lowers the cost of water usage in places where there is a lot of it, such hotels and commercial laundries.

Thanks to the Water Recovery Tank, your halved expenses are even lower. For additional information about the Sustainable Denim Stone Washing Machine, please contact us.

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