Textile R&D Lab

Textile R&D Lab

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TYH Tekstil, one of Turkey’s largest ready-to-wear manufacturers with over 4000 employees and an annual production capacity of 20 million pieces, established a Textile R&D Lab called Smart Wash laboratories in partnership with Tolkar Smartex to open a new era in textile recipes with Miracle Sampling machines compatible with the latest sustainable applications “Ozone and Smart Flow“. We congratulate them on their choices and wish them a lot of income, success and sustainable savings.

Every day, Ozone Washing and Smart Flow research is carried out. In the stone-washing industry, ozone cleaning will be critical. It is being studied by all textile manufactures. Tolkar Makina designs equipment in response to the needs of our clients.

With 400G force, all Smartex Miracle variants may be eliminated without causing vibration. All springs, shock absorbers, and dead weights have been replaced with the new smart balancing system. The Smart Balancing System keeps the machine vibration-free by balancing all types of balance in the drum in a short amount of time, independent of textile distribution. As a result, the failure rate of all mechanical and electrical components is reduced. The homogeneous and vibration-free squeezing with 400G force saves 20% on drying energy and time when compared to competing machines.

The Smartex Miracle series enables customers to complete the most critical washing and dyeing processes while utilizing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly washing technology. The machine comes complete with all of the essential equipment for the dying process. Spin dye (jet spray dyeing) and patented Polyrib eco drum technology allow reactive, direct, and antique procedures to be colored with a 1: 3 (dry goods) liquor ratio, while textiles may be dyed with a 1: 4 (dry goods) liquor ratio. It has swiftly risen to the top of the commercial laundry and textile manufacturing rankings.

The Polyrib Eco Drum feature eliminates unneeded water between the inner and outer drums, saving up to 70% on water, power, chemicals, wastewater, and steam, and up to 20% on dyestuffs, while the spin dye feature guarantees that the spin dye feature rotates at a higher speed. The laundry is dispersed around the drum and rotates with it because to its odd construction. Meanwhile, utilizing a polyrib eco drum and spin dye pump, all colored liquor is sprayed at a certain angle and pressure from the front cover and supplied to the inner drum.This method guarantees that the dyestuff is uniformly spread throughout the cloth while also removing any chance of breakage, abrasion, or other mechanical consequences caused by the drum spinning.

The friction force between the inner drum and the water in the specified volume is removed by removing the water from the volume between the inner and outer drums. As a result, with smaller motors, the system consumes significantly less electrical energy.

The friction force between the inner and outer drums is lowered by lowering the amount of water in the volume between them. As a result, the system uses significantly less electricity and has smaller motors.

Loading and unloading are straightforward thanks to the Forward and Backward Tilting options. It’s quite easy to use.

Water and detergent are utilized in proportion to the weight of your garments thanks to the Automatic Weighing System. There are additional options for conserving water besides saving 50% of it.

By keeping the previous rinse water in the tank and recycling it in the next wash, the Water Recovery Tank option can save you up to 20% on water and other water-related costs. Denim dyeing reduces the expense of water use in locations with a lot of it, such as hotels and commercial laundries.

Your now-halved expenditures are even reduced thanks to the Water Recovery Tank. Contact us for more Textile R&D Laboratory establishment details.

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