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Tolkar Makina, one of the largest companies in the industrial laundry and textile washing machines sector, acquired Smartex, it is neighbor in Atatürk Industrial Zone, for 3 million Euros. Noting that although they operate in the same sector, Smartex manufactures very different products from them, Tolkar Makina Chairman of the Board Cenk Karace stated that thanks to the smart balance system they have patented, they can produce laundry and textile processing machines with a capacity of 500 kilograms, “Smartex, whose production facility is right next to us, We took over the fixtures, trademarks, personnel, and patent usage rights and affiliated companies besides the facility of. Cenk Karace stated that 400 people are working at Tolkar and that this figure has increased to 470 with the purchase. Explaining that Smartex products, which will create an advantage in foreign countries, will create a great advantage for them. Cenk Karace said: “The number of companies producing such high capacity machinery in the world is very few. There are a few companies in Italy and the USA. While we increase our exports, On the other hand, we plan to block the way of imports to Turkey thanks to our wide marketing network. We will increase our exports, which were 6 million dollars last year, to 10-11 million dollars this year with the contribution of Smartex. Our target is to increase our exports to 25-30 million dollars by 2015. subtract.”

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