Smartex Elite Washer Extractor

Smartex Elite Washer Extractor

Low Speed Washer Extractors

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1:3 Liquor Ratio

Dry garments

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Polyrib System

%50 less water, chemicals, steam and waste water, %40 less electric energy

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Tolkar Ultimate Control System

Remote ccess enables updates of parameters or versions, recipe preparation, undolad/download, recipe transfer to desired machines USB programme and parameter transfeer between machines 100 recipes, 100 steps

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PLC Controlled

10" Touc Screen Panel

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100 RPM Preextraction
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Reporting of consumptions and productivity

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Automatic Loading Door


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Bacwards Tilting

Easy and Automatic Loading (Optional)

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Rain Fall Washing Effect
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316 L Inner Drum
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3+3 mm Inner Drum

Easy replacement of the protection sheet totally welding free

Technical Details

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Tolkar reserves changing the technical specifications of the machines due to technological necessities without prior notice.