Smartex Miracle Hospital Washing Machine

Smartex Miracle Hospital Washer Machine

Industrial Hygienic Barrier Type Washer Extractors

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Water Consumption

Greens 1:1 - 1:2 L/R
Linens 1 - 1:1,5 L/R
Uniforms 1:1 - 1:1,5 L/R

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400 G Extraction Force

Vibration Free

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Ecodrum System

%50 less water
%50 less chemicals
%50 less heating energy

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Smart Balancing

%50 less drying time
%50 less drying energy

2 hospital barrier 60 1
1 smarttex miracle hijyen
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Green Technology
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Modified Drum

45% Longer Textile Life

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Open Pocket Drum
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First and the Only Gas Heated in the World

(for 135 models)

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First and the Only Forward Tilting in the World
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Tank System

Water Recovery Technology
60% Water Savings

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Automatic Liquid Detergent Dosing System

In built dosing pumps for liquid detergent dosing. Interfrated with raporting and weigh scale systems (Wet Clean) (Optional)

miracle hijyen gorsel 3 1
norma hijyen oda gorsel ing
  1. Smartex Miracle Hygienic Barrier Washer Extractor – 60 kg
  2. Smartex Norma Hygienic Barrier Washer Extractor – 60 kg
  3. Smartex Norma Hygienic Barrier Washer Extractor – 90 kg
  4. Carina Tumble Dryer
  5. Vela Flatwork Ironer

Technical Details

* All specifications and features of Miracle Series will come along with SMARTEX MİRACLE HYGİENE as standard.

Tolkar reserves changing the technical specifications of the machines due to technological necessities without prior notice.