Smartex Miracle Industrial Washing Machine

Smartex Miracle Industrial Washer Extractor

Industrial Sustainable Washer Extractors

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Water Consumption

Towels 1:1 - 1:2 L/R
Linens 1:1 - 1:1,5 L/R
Polyesters 1:1 L/R

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Polyrib Ecodrum System

50% less water chemicals and heating energy

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400 G Extraction Force

Vibration Free

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Polyrib Drum

45% longer textile life

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Smart Balancing

20% less drying time & drying energy

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smartex 1500
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First and the Only Gas Heated in the World
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Tank System

Water recovery technology 60% water saving

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Automatic Liquid Detergent Dosing System

In built dosing pumps for liquid detergent dosing. Interfrated with raporting and weigh scale systems (Wet Clean) (Optional)

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PLC Controlled

7" Touch Screen Panel
10" Touch Screen Panel for 225&340 models

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Data Reporting

Reporting amount of washed garments, consumption water, electric, steam, loading and operating times (Optional)

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Backwards Tilting Easy Loandig & Unloading
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Cyclone Filter, Self Cleanable
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Sand Seperator
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Laser Chech for Tracing the Mats
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USB Port

UBS porgramme transfer

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Remote Access

Remote Access, Instant Mobile Tracking

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Technical Details

Tolkar reserves changing the technical specifications of the machines due to technological necessities without prior notice.